Auckland Noumea Customs Information

2018-05-03T23:22:16+12:00 May 3rd, 2018|Pre-Race Updates|

Bonjour Sailors,

Teresa here – I’m your contact for all things customs and immigration. So, any questions please contact me directly at

Once you reach Noumea, you’ll have assistance from a ‘godfather’ assigned to each boat, but please do send queries to me as well if you need to; I’ll be on standby to back up.


  • Please visit where you’ll find a link to download a Yacht Pack containing all information and documents.
  • I am finalising clearance arrangements with the local office and will be in touch again soon about timing for this.
  • We should also be able to get some departure cards for you all so that you don’t have to print out multiple copies of those.
  • If emailing your documents to Customs, please put ‘RAYC Noumea Race’ in as part of the subject line.


  • Attached are three documents that you will need, plus a sheet of information/instructions provided by CNC.
  • I don’t see a requirement to send an advance notice of arrival, but am checking up on this and will let you know.
  • CNC can help with organising visas for anyone needing one; please fill in the attached spreadsheet and return it to me asap.
  • Please note the special requirements for one-way air travel to Noumea — a letter must be approved by the Noumea authorities and be sent to the crew member to bring with them, so if this affects you please intiate the process as soon as possible.

Any questions, just ask!
Auckland Noumea Customs Manager