Position Report: Sunday 3 June PM

2018-06-03T21:11:13+12:00 June 3rd, 2018|Blink, Boat News, Ran Tan II|

The first position report is in. After a chaotic start to the race, the fleet has slowed down, and are slowly cruising north.

Ran Tan II is currently leading the fleet on line with a VMG of 9.5 knots and are also leading on IRC and PHRF.

Prior to the start, Ran Tan said “the feeling on Ran Tan II is upbeat today. The boat is fully prepped and the crew can’t wait to get going. We all would like to thank BP for providing us with yet another adventure!”

This afternoon A2N Race Management received the following update from Ran Tan II, “Kettles on. Freeze dried is ‘cooking’. Looking forward to a roast lamb dinner. We are in good spirits after getting drenched earlier, and we have managed to dry our gear out.”

Cooking dinner on Ran Tan II

Blink also sent through a video taking advantage of the cell coverage, also showing a vast difference in conditions from the start of the race.

“Blink an hour out from sundown up the east coast. On a go slow, 2.2 kts, 332deg, quite the contrast from 16ktd boatspeed and driving rain across the gulf this morning. Mast head zero up, suffering from the odd flap, sun on us and good company, Ave Gitana, Miss Scarlet and CarerraS all look beaut coming into the evening. As soon as the wind was really dropping skipper suddenly decided he needed a snooze, handed the wheel to the wife (Vesna) and shortly thereafter commented how slow the boat was now going. Short term genius, medium term that’ll cost him!” said crew member Paul Atkins.

“Apart from that, all is well on board!” continued Atkins.

The next report is due before 1000 hours Monday 4th June 2018.

POSITION REPORT – Sunday 3 June 2018 PM

# Vessel Name Callsign Position Status Remarks/Comments
1 Ave Gitana ZMW7386 36-14.398S 174-51.372E Participant
2 Blink ZMU2211 36-13.9S 174 51.68E Participant All well onboard
3 Birdie Furax FFA5582 36-19S 174-54E Participant
4 Carerras ZMA4905 36-14S 174-51E Participant
6 Equilibrium ZMG2573 36-16.21S 174-52.31E Participant COG, SOG – 8.1 320deg. Slow going in lighter winds & sloppy seas
7 Miss Scarlett VKV7089 36-14S 174-52E Participant
8 Moody Blue ZMG3232 Participant In Opus
9 Notorious ZMG2905 36-22.1S 174-52E Participant Cse 320M Spd 6.7 Kts All well onboard.
10 Ran Tan ZMA8977 36-06.30S 174-50.23E Participant All well onboard