CarreraS: Suspended racing

2018-06-04T17:45:11+12:00 June 4th, 2018|Boat News, CarreraS|

The Marten 49 CarreraS, owned by Gerry Cantwell and skippered by John Meadowcroft, has suspended racing from the Royal Akarana Yacht Club Auckland Noumea Yacht Race.

CarreraS has reported “engine issues”.

“Crew are all in good spirits despite the setback. If we can get urgent repairs done tomorrow, we could still complete the trip but will review if and when what’s involved”, said Meadowcroft via satellite phone.

This is CarraraS’s second attempt to race to Noumea. Under John Meadowcroft’s ownership, then known as Carrera during the 2012 Auckland Noumea Race, the crew were forced to turn around due to electrical issues, while experiencing similar conditions .

From what we know all crew on board are ok and they will head for Opua Marina with an ETA of Tuesday 5th June.

We will continue to monitor their progress.