Lively conditions for Equilibrium

2018-06-04T12:29:35+12:00 June 4th, 2018|Boat News, Equilibrium|

Equilibrium has sent an email to the Auckland Noumea Race Management team as well as their family members to advise of lively conditions.

“Just a quick note I am afraid as conditions are not conducive to sitting at the PC typing a long email.

“As I am sure you are tracking us, we just passing Cape Reinga, conditions have been lively to say the least and we are working hard to get on the west side of the low pressure sitting at the top of NZ and is tracking down towards you guys. We are hoping to turn right in next few hours and get on the fast westerlies going swesterlies up towards Noumea.



“Anyway thats about as much as I have stomach for right now, more news in due course.

“Cheers from Equilibrium.”

Meanwhile Ran Tan II and Miss Scarlet have tacked onto port pointing in the right direction to head to Noumea.

At at 1300 hours, the Marten 49 CarerraS was leading on PHRF and IRC.

More to come.