Equilibrium “oh what a difference a day makes”

2018-06-05T15:23:10+12:00 June 5th, 2018|Boat News, Equilibrium|

Equilibrium has sent an comprehensive update which once again proves that almost all boats have sailors suffering from potential sea sickness. And it really is no surprise. Bashing into a 30 knot head wind doesn’t make for comfortable dining, and throws the stomach around like a basketball.

An email was received from Equilibrium at 1400 hours Tuesday 5th June.

“Oh what a different a day makes!”

“FINALLY we have escaped north of that horrible low pressure system that gave us very tough & wet conditions. We are now reaching fast directly up the track to Noumea in sunshine and good breeze. The ocean is a stunning blue colour now.”

The Marten 55 owned and skippered by Graham Matthews is making good gains and are now pulling in the IRC52 Miss Scarlet, who at the time of writing this, were only 7nm ahead of Equilibrium.



“We have had a few issues to sort but now slowly trying to tick them off & today is the day we started eating as no one felt like anything or indeed standing in the galley for quite some time.”

Sounds like they have a few bucket huggers on board as well! Nothing to be ashamed of!

“A beef & ginger stew is on the stove as I type – cant wait …”

“Thats it for now folks, cheers from all the Equilibrium crew.”