Food envy

2018-06-05T12:16:06+12:00 June 5th, 2018|Boat News, Moody Blue|

If any of the crews currently bashing their way north to Noumea saw this photo, we’re sure they would have food envy. However we’re not sure how wise it was to consume this amount of animal before going to sea!

Moody Blue, the sole cruising boat in the Auckland Noumea Yacht Race, restarted their cruising prior to sunrise on Tuesday 5th June.

Hamish Milne, skipper of the cruising bus said “Angus (Small) says we need a decent feed before going to sea…”

Hmmmm… Potentially not the kind of meal you would want rolling around in your tummy when you’re rolling around at sea!

It might not be too long before someone polishes the bucket on board…

Anyway, it’s great to see that Moody Blue, the Beale 47 is hammer down doing 9.1 knots on a 327 degree course.

Note: To all the vegetarian… We apologise…