Light winds are coming!

2018-06-05T19:48:59+12:00 June 5th, 2018|Boat News|

We’ve seen no tactical manoeuvres by the fleet today because there hasn’t been much of an opportunity for them.

While Ran Tan II continues to lead, Blink, furthest west has had a good day with a higher VMG than Equilibrium who is 15ft longer. However, a lot is about to change.

The current weather at sea is decreasing breeze, with the leaders heading into an area of wind with less than 20 knots. The weather station at Norfolk Island are both observing 6 knots of wind (gusting 8), from 140 deg (south-east), with 19 degree temperatures.

Predict wind – 0800 Wednesday June 6 2018.

Predict wind – 0800 Wednesday June 6 2018.

To the right of the rhumbline ship obs show the southwesterlies continuing further north. This may be the wind Notorious is heading for!

Looking into tomorrow, both the GFS and ECMF model show and area of low winds on the rhumb line to the finish. The ECWMF is a shows a little more wind, but both show a lot less than they have been.

MetService observations (land) and Voluntary observing ships (sea) Displayed on the MetOcean View platform

Finally, we have had reports of RAIN in Noumea – it has stopped in Auckland. Satellite imagery shows a thick band of cloud over the area and rain expected through to Sunday. Mother Nature can be a nasty lady when she wants to be!

Himawari 8 full disk true colour

Himawari 8 full disk true colour