What is the most popular item on board Miss Scarlet?

2018-06-05T07:54:20+12:00 June 5th, 2018|Boat News, Miss Scarlet|

Getting updates from the fleet is always tough when it’s 30 knots on the nose with a massive sea state. This isn’t the Volvo Ocean Race, so we can’t just turn on the on board camera and check out who is vomiting over the transom. But we can get emails after a bit of a nudge for information.

Yesterday we contacted each boat via sat phone to request an update. So far we have heard back from Miss Scarlet, which is great considering they have been pretty quiet since the start of the race.

Led by William Goodfellow and Graeme Wilson, Miss Scarlet is a bright red IRC52 with 13 men on board.

Using the 130 allocated characters, the message was sent.

“Miss Scarlet, it’s Suellen. What’s happening? Any update? Hope all on board are ok.”

Sunset went by and eventually the following response came through.

“Ha,  it’s wonderful out here. Should I start with the sick or perhaps that the sails that are now in the morgue or perhaps describe life inside a carbon drum?  I’ll have a think and send you an email in the morning 🤣🤣🤣 Hope you are enjoying French Island life 🍾🧘‍♂️🏄‍♀️🏝”

As received. Emojis and all. And yes, French Island life is fabulous.

Interesting… What has happened to the sails? Miss Scarlet still seems to be trucking north so hopefully that was just some exaggeration, as brand new Doyle Sails went on board the boat not long before the 998nm race.

A few hours passed, and while we were enjoying slumber in Noumea, with one ear open for any potential issues on the race course, a more precise update came through from the lady in red.

Miss Scarlet

Miss Scarlet

“Bobbing about in the waters north of 32 degrees bound for Noumea, the merry men aboard Miss Scarlet are looking forward to day 3 of their adventure.

“Having thoroughly enjoyed Day 1’s departure in rain and being greeted by a 50 knot line squall north of Tiri, Day 2 bought rain, 45 knots, much bigger sea and the opportunity to tack onto port. Just the variety that our merry men thrive on.

“Not much to report on in the food department. Perhaps the galley will get used today. The most popular items aboard have been the buckets. Hopefully today it will be sunscreen!!

“Miss Scarlet is tired of being banged around and looks forward to being surfed on rolling Southerly swells in warm sunshine. May the second half begin.”


  1. There is a decent dose of sarcasm on board
  2. They are wet
  3. They dislike 50 knots
  4. There has been lots of vomiting
  5. They are looking forward to seeing us in Noumea

“Dear Miss Scarlet, glad to see that the sense of humour on board lives. You will be pleased to hear that it’s raining in Noumea today, with the forecast for rain over the next few days.”

Miss Scarlet

Miss Scarlet and her Merry Men