Raw and real update from Ran Tan II

2018-06-06T17:37:45+12:00 June 6th, 2018|Boat News, Ran Tan II|

72 hours into the race and it’s been all go from the start. The sea state has been slightly uncomfortable. Several crew feeling rough but in good spirits. Focused on keeping the boat safe and going fast.

Looking forward to the breeze freeing up. All is well on board.

Less than 48 hours ago we had three reefs and storm jib, now it is the complete opposite, absolute champagne sailing out here, just missing the French Champagne!

Crew are in good spirits and will be even better after the great selection on “Restaurant Ran Tan” tonight. Beef pasta hot pot, Mexican chicken or honey soy chicken. Followed by a Whittakers chocolate slab. Yum.

Now just to keep this boat going fast!

Zib Campbell
Ran Tan Sat Phone Texter