Contact received from Birdies Furax²!

2018-06-07T11:38:55+12:00 June 7th, 2018|Birdie Furax, Boat News|

After four days at sea, we have finally heard from Birdies Furax², the local team from Noumea, New Caledonia.

They have reported that all is well on board, and they are cruising towards Noumea, eager to race into their home waters and cross the finish line.

“We blew out a spinnaker and have been fighting off Ave Gitana who have come so close considering their 24 hour stop over!”

Birdies Furax² will receive a huge welcome into Noumea as they are on the only local boat competing in the Auckland Noumea Yacht Race.

Birdies Furax²

Birdies Furax²