Moody Blue’s last night

2018-06-09T07:14:18+12:00 June 8th, 2018|Boat News, Moody Blue|

Hi Followers!

Great evening and night yesterday, amazing stars all night, we are lucky when we get to see that without the city lights. Started off bad for 5sies, went looking for the rum and someone brought Blackheart! It got promptly banished back in the gold card toting bikies bag. Lucky there is plenty of healthy rum in stores. Gybed over at 830 last night as the breeze backed and looks like we did ok holding off that race boat Carrera and keeping the other cruising division boat Clockwork a wee way back. Should be interesting at dawn by the reef where they are.

The catering has been fantastic spaghetti bol second night, last night Shepard pie, tonight chicken stew. breakfast, cheese toasties.
The only drama at the moment is who has the top speed, gold card got 16.9 and PBO got 18 yesterday. Today the Namibian got 20.2 and PBO got 19.8. To say the least they were way off course and a sky scraper of a wave. Got to go as the ham and cheese croissant are ready to go.

The Moody team