Moody Blue’s last night

Hi Followers! Great evening and night yesterday, amazing stars all night, we are lucky when we get to see that without the city lights. Started off bad for 5sies, went looking for the rum and someone brought Blackheart! It got promptly banished back in the gold card toting bikies bag. Lucky there is plenty of [...]

2018-06-09T07:14:18+12:00 June 8th, 2018|Boat News, Moody Blue|

Position Report: Monday 4 June AM

The fleet has reported in with Taupo Maritime Radio this morning in accordance to the sailing instruction requirements to provide mandatory position reports. The fleet is currently experiencing 25-30knot on the nose as they creep closer to the top of New Zealand. Fleet - Monday 0530hrs Boats will now be leaving general cell [...]

2018 Auckland Noumea Yacht Race is underway

The Royal Akarana Yacht Club Auckland Noumea Yacht Race is underway with eight boats hitting the start line in heinous conditions, including wind, rain and an extreme lack of sunshine. Meanwhile, it's 24 degrees and perfect in Noumea. The RAYC canon was fired on time, and all boats hit the line ready to race. The [...]

Moody Blue reports 2m swells

Moody Blue, Hamish Milne's Beale 47, has completed their first scheduled report on what is the first official day of the 2018 Auckland Noumea Yacht Race. Moody Blue is the sole cruising boat, who are planning on making a pit stop into Opua before heading out into the open ocean. "We are currently experiencing a [...]

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